Escape with Confidence to Croft House B&B

Covid-19 our response

Our commitment to you

  • We’ve given thought to every detail of the services we provide, completed a thorough risk assessment and have measures in place based on guidance from Government, Health and Hospitality bodies to do everything we can to help our staff, our visitors and the community safeguard against the spread of Covid-19. Our measures have been acknowledged by Visit England as “Good to Go” and we have gained accreditation from the AA as ‘Covid Confident’.
  • We will communicate the measures we have put in place, how these affect our services and how our visitors are requested to support them.
  • We will treat our staff, our visitors and the community with kindness, consideration and respect in our request that they support the measures we are obliged to have in place.
  • We will continue to review: updates to guidelines; feedback from all; compliance to measures implemented; and update our forward plans and measures as appropriate in response.

Our revised services and measures. Covid-19

We hope you will be both assured and supportive of our approach and the measures in place to allow us to provide our services at this time whilst maintaining as our first priority the health and safety of all our guests, staff and the community.

We aim to provide you, even if at a distance, with the comfort and the warmth of our hospitality.
Most of all we hope you will enjoy your time here in wonderful Exmoor
And we look forward to welcoming you.

Prior to your stay

Exclusive Direct booking

  • We are offering exclusive direct booking to give you the best choice of rooms without inflated costs via 3rd Party Booking Agents.* We will pleased to assist you in making a booking by calling us on 01598 752391 between 11am and 7pm or you can book on line here.*
  • We will update you in advance of your stay with: information about our services, our latest measures regarding Covid-19 and provide arrival information; the opportunity to ask any questions or request any specific information to help you enjoy your stay.
    *Applies only to Direct bookings not those by 3rd party agents such as


  • If Covid regulations dictate that your booking can not be upheld by Croft House / You a refund may be given if notified at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date.*

Visitor Screening

  • We will ask you to complete Pre-Arrival Check In form in place of you completing a Guest Registration on Arrival, to minimise contact, to ensure only registered persons enter the premises and so that we can  confirm that your stay can go ahead.
  • We politely ask that you contact us to re arrange / cancel your stay if you or members of the household that you will be travelling from or anyone you have been in close contact with have: in the 11 days prior to your stay have Covid-19 / display symptoms or are requested by an official body to take a test: or during the dates of your stay under official guidelines are expected to self, household, local, or travel related isolate or quarantine.
  • We will ask you to agree an arrival time between 4pm and 8pm.

Contact free

On Arrival

  • We will provide self check in at the agreed time. Check in earlier than agreed will not be possible at this time to enable us to schedule arrivals, deliveries, people coming and going and undertake our frequent disinfecting of the entrance area whilst maintaining social distancing and minimising contact.
  • We will be happy to greet you from a distance when you arrive at the agreed time or provide any assistance with luggage if this is agreed in advance.
  • After self check in to your room with your luggage we will confirm that you have everything you need and answer any questions you may have by phone.

During Your Stay

  • We will be contactable by phone or on-line to provide information and assistance, we will be pleased to chat with you in the outside areas and we will see you at breakfast time.
  • We will provide online links to our Welcome Information, Leaflets and Visitor Guides instead of our in room folders, printed leaflets and maps normally available.

More Space for you

  • We have reduced the number of guest rooms being let at any one time to reduce contact and allow you to have more of your own space.
  • We have re-arranged services / areas to provide exclusive / appropriately distanced space.

Best practice standards

  • Hand sanitisers will be placed throughout the property and we request you use these and follow signage on the latest distancing and hygiene guidelines.
  • We will clean and disinfect throughout the premises using recommended products and processes including frequently disinfecting of all touch points/surfaces and to air the premises.
  • Staff will at all times practice good personal hygiene including regular hand washing, maintaining social distancing, wear PPE where appropriate and will not handle/move visitor’s belongings.
  • To minimise the risk of contamination non-essential items, furnishings and areas have been withdrawn from use including: supplementary soft furnishings, books, CDs, games, umbrellas, shoe cleaning / sewing box items; restricted use of the breakfast / lounge areas.
  • We request that you notify us immediately if you or members of the household you have travelled from or anyone you have been in close contact with during your stay: has Covid-19 / display symptoms or are requested by an official body to take a test, isolate or quarantine.
    – In the unfortunate event you are, or are notified by Croft House B&B of, a person at the premises that has notified us as above or of any other Covid-19 high risk arising: we will confirm and assess the actions required and you may be asked to check out earlier than your booking departure date and travel home as safely as possible whilst minimising risk to others. Self-isolation is not possible at Croft House B&B and you will need to Check Out in these circumstances.
  •  We also seek your support in treating fellow guests, staff and the community with kindness, consideration and respect for Covid-19 precautions.

Breakfast still as good as ever

Exclusive space and distancing

  • You will have, exclusive or as allowed within social distancing guidelines, use of the breakfast area for a pre booked breakfast.
  • We will ask you to pre-agree your breakfast time and your choice from the menu. This is required for us to conform to the guidelines to provide socially distanced table sittings for each visitor group and not to offer any buffet self service options.
  • All food, cutlery and condiments will be delivered for collection in the breakfast area at a distance for you to take to your table.
  • We will operate anti viral cleaning including disinfecting chair backs / tables / trays / touch points and airing of the breakfast areas.
  • To reduce the risk of contamination the breakfast areas may be closed at certain times.
  • We apologise that at this time we are unable to provide fridge storage for any items you bring onto the premises.

Your Guest room

Best practice standards

  • We will have cleaned and disinfected your room and bathroom using recommended products and processes. Furnishings including mattresses, pillows, curtains, chairs and other furniture are included in our cleaning process as well as all contact surfaces, items and touch points including appliances, keys, switches, remotes, clothes hangers, fixed dispensers etc that will be disinfected.
  • Supplementary soft furnishings, books, CDs and non essential printed material has been removed to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Additional pillows / eiderdowns / ironing boards normally kept in each room will be available on request and disinfected between guest use.
  • All linens and towels are laundered professionally at recommended anti- viral temperatures.
  • All left over hospitality (tea /coffee sachets etc) and non bulk bathroom (left over unopened soaps etc) consumables are disposed of after each let. To minimise waste you will have the opportunity to pre order these items.
  • Staff will not enter your room during your stay whilst you are in occupancy and none of your belongings will be handled or moved.
  • Housekeeping of your room normally undertaken daily during your stay will be suspended until after you check out in accord with recommended guidelines to reduce risks. We request that you follow our ‘Covid-19 Housekeeping Guide’ that will be provided when you arrive to help facilitate the alternative arrangements to supply you with fresh towels etc and remove rubbish.

Contact Free

On Check Out

  • To facilitate contact free payment, we will have charged the balance of your booking value on the day of arrival. The day before you check out we will charge any additional costs incurred during your stay and send you a copy of the full Invoice & receipt and ask you to raise any billing queries the evening before departure.
  • Check out time is by 10.30am, please ensure you advise your planned departure time the day before check out so that we can schedule other activities that take place in the exit areas.
  • We will request you to follow our ‘Room Check Out – Covid-19 Guide’ that you will receive when you arrive to help us manage our cleaning programme safely, that will include opening advised windows, to leave the keys in the room etc.
  • Please contact us if within 11 days of leaving Croft House B&B you have Covid-19 / symptoms or are requested by an official body to take a test or isolate.
  • You may check out without seeing us but we hope to have the opportunity in person at a distance or in the outside areas to thank you for visiting and to wish you a safe journey home.

What we request from our Visitors to support our Covid-19 measures

We have listed below for you to see at a glance what we ask of you during the Covid-19 circumstances. These are detailed above in full explaining why we have them in place and in our Booking Terms that we recommend you read in full.

  • Should you need to cancel due to Covid-19 to advise as soon as possible and check your booking cancelation terms.
  • To complete and return the Pre Arrival Check In form at least 1 day before the day of arrival.
    Entry will be declined and Cancelation charges may apply if if the form is not returned.
  • To notify us if you or members of the household you have travelled from or anyone you have been in close contact with, in the 11 days prior / after or during your stay, have Covid-19 / symptoms or are requested by an official body to take a test, isolate or quarantine.
    Failure to disclose information may result in all consequential costs and losses being charged.
  • To Check In at the pre agreed time, earlier than agreed will not be possible at this time.
  • To observe and adhere to Regulations relevant to our operations and Croft House B&B measures and notices displayed at the time of your visit, that currently includes: to sanitise and wash hands on entry/exit of premises and rooms; keep your distance; minimise time and wear a mask in communal areas; not leave any belongings in communal areas; not to invite or let other people into the premises; treat fellow guests, staff and the community, with kindness, consideration and respect.Failure may lead to you being asked to leave without refund of the balance of your stay.
  • To pre-agree your breakfast time and your choice from the menu.
  • To agree the suspension of ‘in-stay’ staff housekeeping of your Guest room and follow the ‘Covid-19 Housekeeping Guide’. If not followed and unacceptable risks are created or rooms are left in an unacceptable state you may be asked to leave without refund of the balance of your stay and / or further charges may apply for any damage or contract cleaning required.
  • On check out to follow the ‘Room Check Out – Covid-19 Guide’. Failure that creates unacceptable risks may incur further charges.
  • To check out early where notified by Croft House B&B if necessary due to Covid-19 at the premises. A refund of the balance of the stay will be made where persons check out at the time requested and have adhered to the ‘Covid-19 Housekeeping Guide’ and the ‘Room Check Out – Covid-19 Guide’. Self-isolation is not possible at Croft House B&B Failure to check out at the time requested will incur all consequential costs and losses.

We thank you for complying with the recommended Covid-19 precautions.

Updated 11th May 2021